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New Ultrasound at Malibu Urgent Care

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Why is the Malibu Urgent Care Center needed in Malibu?

Donors who are honored on the new Malibu Urgent Care Center Tree of Life include:

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    -Julie Labin (for Michael Koss)

    -Joanne and Ken House

    -Debbi and Don Hankey

    -Linda and Frank Kilpatrick

    -Marca Kaufer

    -Ron and Sandy Stackler

The Malibu Urgent care:

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The Malibu Urgent Care Center (MUCC) is the only local medical facility that offers walk-in service, is staffed by trained emergency room doctors and is open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM, 365 days per year.

Friends of Malibu Urgent Care is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization that was formed in 2001 by local residents who strongly believe in the necessity of raising funds to prevent Malibu Urgent Care Center from closing.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has generously provided a grant to purchase an ultrasound machine for our community's use and benefit at the Malibu Urgent Care Center.

“Most ER physicians today use ultrasound to enhance diagnosis,” explains Dr. David Frankle, co-owner with Dr. Jill Furgurson of Malibu Urgent Care. ”In general, we utilize ultrasound to diagnose swollen kidneys, internal bleeding from trauma, foreign bodies in soft tissue, fluid in various areas within the body, cardiac function, and pregnancy issues.”

Friends of Malibu Urgent Care, a 501c3 California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, initially submitted an application for a grant to the Hilton Foundation, which is located in Agoura Hills. Steve Hilton then visited Malibu Urgent Care to meet with Drs. Frankle and Furgurson to discuss the need for having an ultrasound machine on the premises. 

The Hilton Foundation’s executive committee met and decided to proceed with the purchase of an ultrasound machine to provide this community benefit for improving patient healthcare in Malibu.

Every dollar donated to Friends of MUCC helps to keep the Malibu Urgent Care Center’s doors open for extended hours and staffed with board-certified emergency room (ER) physicians. We also purchase new state-of-the-art medical equipment as needed and continually work to upgrade the existing facility.

Not pictured are Paige and Lou Adler, Lani and Herb Alpert, Helen and Steve Clarke, John Paul DeJoria, the Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation, Ed Fishman, L&S Milken, the William Mudd Family, and Elaine and Phil Roman.  

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