In addition to daily hours of 9 AM to 7 PM, we also have a 10-week extended hour summer session, which includes the hours of 9 AM to 8 PM seven days a week. This increase in summer hours is provided through grants from the City of Malibu. The only other local walk-in choices are Saint John’s Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, or Los Robles Hospital. Do you really want to travel that far in an urgent situation?

The Malibu Urgent Care Center is the only local medical facility that offers walk-in service, is staffed by trained emergency room doctors

Future plans are to build a state of the art facility with a CT scanner, ultrasound machine and lab. Imagine how much faster diagnoses could be obtained with the proper equipment. Now imagine you or a loved one is a patient. Won’t you feel better knowing you contributed to the quality and speed of their care?

Friends of Malibu Urgent Care is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, and was formed by local residents who strongly believe in the necessity to raise funds to prevent this vital facility from closing.

What would you do without access to an urgent care facility in Malibu?

- Marlene Matlow
Friends MUCC Founding Board Member

When you donate to Friends of Malibu Urgent Care, you are contributing to a safer future not only for yourself, but for your entire circle of life.

What if you had a medical problem that was not serious enough to dial 911 … but you still needed a doctor and the local doctors were either too busy to see you or were closed? What if Malibu had one of its natural disasters; or there was a terrible traffic backup or road closure on Pacific Coast Highway? NOW, what would you do? Where would you go?

"Thank you to the donors of this tree for making sure that this urgent health care facility will never close."

Axiom: Illness is the great human equalizer that does not distinguish between wealth or poverty, status or need. It does not care when or where it strikes, nor if access to medical care is impeded by fires or flood, accidents or incidents. We cannot make a date with nor can we predict when illness decides to make a date with us.

Don’t let yourself or your community down. Become a contributor to the Malibu Urgent Care Center by helping us help you.